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FEMILU Headwrap Face Cover Set

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Matching Headwrap & Reusable personal face covers. There is nothing, just-b-stylish about this set. The mask is used to protect you and others during times of illness, dust, high pollen, etc.  While the headwrap allows you flexibility in haircare.  Both Fashionable and Functional. Stylish and efficient! Processing Time: 5 business Days


  • 100% Cotton Ankara/ African Print
  • Elastic Ear Guards
  • Insulated and lined with microbe resistant
  • Fitted Style


  • 100% Cotton
  • 22" wide
  • Rolled edges finished
  • Approximately 72" OR 90"

Wearing face masks do not guarantee contamination protection.


Hand Wash and dry on high heat. Placing in microwave while wet also sterilizes your mask.